2012 Midwest Bird Expo - Was a HUGE success!


Kane County Exhibition Hall
525 South Randall Road
St. Charles, IL 60174-1533

9:30am - 4:00pm


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Dr Karen Becker 10:30am

Karen Becker graduated from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point majoring in Wildlife and International Resource Management in 1993. She received her degree in veterinary medicine from the Iowa State School of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. Dr Becker completed an exotic animal internship in California in 1997 and is certified in Veterinary Acupuncture and Homeopathy. Dr Becker owns Natural Pet Animal Hospital, Feathers Bird Clinic and TheraPaw Rehabilitation and Pain Management Clinic in Illinois. This is her 25th year as a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, caring for over 200 wild animals a year through her non-profit Covenant Wildlife Rehabilitation center.

Dr. Becker often lectures about species appropriate nutrition and has co-authored the Whole Dog Journal’s Best Homemade Diet Book of All Time award, “Real Food for Healthy Pets.” She has appeared on the hit show, Animal Planet, and is deeply honored to be named one of Chicago's Top Ten Vets, according to Chicago Magazine. Dr. Becker is also the veterinary consultant for Mercola Healthy Pets, where thousands of passionate animal lovers receive her free wellness newsletter three times a week..

Alycia Anthuenisse 11:30am

Alycia Antheunisse has always had animals in her life. She was born into a ranching family and lived on a 500 acre sheep and cattle ranch until she was 22 years old. Working with her grandfather every day taught her the respect of animals, common sense, and a deeply rooted work ethic that keeps her grounded in what is now one of the largest and most respected exotic bird businesses in the world. In 1996, Alycia reconnected with her now husband Eric Antheunisse and founder of Cedar Hill Birds. Together they have built a business that circles the globe and encompasses all aspects of aviculture.

Today, Alycia is instrumental in all aspects of handrearing: from nestbox to perch, public and resale. Although she tends to be more involved with the public, education, etc, Alycia does enjoy the breeding aspect of aviculture as well. Together she and Eric work daily to provide their flock with the proper diet, environment, and enrichment that leads to consistent and strong production in what would be considered a commercial setting. Streamlining their operation has proven beneficial for all species, conures to macaws, lories to cockatoos.

Alycia has begun work of being an intricate part of a 501 c3 organization called Exotic Animal Foundation. It is her hope to continue the great work that this foundation has done for five years and work towards educating the public through outreach programs and school programs. The foundation currently focuses on exotic birds, tortoises and turtles. Alycia’s daughter, Ashle, has found her passion in tortoises and turtles so they make an awesome team. Alycia’s goal is develop a program for school children that can allow them to experience birds and learn what wonderful creatures they are not only as our cherished pets, but also as birds in the wild. In addition, Alycia does take in surrendered birds and turtles that are either offered a permanent home with her or rehomed into suitable adoption homes. Each animal is handled on a case by case basis and placed in the situation that is believed best for the animal.

Caroline Efstathion 1:30pm

Caroline Efstathion graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2002 with a Bachelor’s in biology and did two years of graduate study at Barry University in biomedical sciences. She received a Master’s degree in Biological Sciences at Florida Atlantic University in 2011 where her studies focused on avian bacteriology. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Entomology and Nematology at The University of Florida. Her research focus is on improving conservation of wild birds with the use of insecticides to reduce nest site competition with Africanized honey bees and improve nestling bird health by reducing the incidence of blood sucking arthropods. She was a veterinarian technician for 15 years, five of which spent with a board certified avian veterinarian, and she was a Florida state wildlife rehabilitator for 10 years. She has been working with finches, softbills, and parrots for over 25 years.

Patricia Sund 2:30pm

Patricia Sund was a columnist and feature writer for BIRD TALK Magazine and has a popular Blog, Parrot Nation, where she writes and produces video about life, birds, parrot care and her adventures in the world of Aviculture. These adventures include writing and making video about her experience working as a Keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo, and volunteering at the Parrot Garden at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, home of the Vicktory Dogs.

She has written for The BIRD CHANNEL, Birds USA, the AFA “WatchBird,” as well as for and numerous websites. She has done presentations for numerous clubs including The Raleigh Durham Caged Bird Society, Phoenix Landing, The Long Island Parrot Society, Arizona Seed Cracker Society, The Midwest Bird Expo, BIrd Lovers Club in Florida as well as presenting at the American Federation of Aviculture Conference in 2013.

Patricia shot a video of “Cookie the Penguin” that went viral and has so far generated almost six million hits and an enormous headache for her. Patricia has completed Dr. Susan Friedman’s online course: “LLP: Living & Learning with Parrots,” and both Beginning and Advanced Levels of the “Natural Encounters” Companion Parrot Training Seminars.

She has never bred birds, but once helped deliver a baby onboard a flight. When asked why she has parrots in her life, she always responds the same way: “I’ve been a Flight Attendant for over 26 years; I guess I’m just used to serving food, repeating myself, cleaning up crap and getting hollered at.”

Lara Joseph 3:30pm

Lara Joseph is the owner of The Animal Behavior Center, LLC in Ohio. She presents workshops, travels, lectures, and consults focusing on positive reinforcement interactions and modifying behavior through applications in behavior analysis. She is also the Director of Avian Training for a wildlife rehabilitation center where she focuses on taking stress out of animal environments. Lara is an active member of The Animal Behavior Management Alliance, The American Federation of Aviculture, a professional member of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators, and the founder of The Parrot Society of NW Ohio. For more information visit her website at


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Some comments from past MIDWEST BIRD EXPO attendees:


"I would venture to guess you might still be fast asleep following yesterday's spectacular expo! I just wanted to tell you how much fun we had, both helping and enjoying so much of what the event had to offer. I thought I might regret not participating in the programs, and I did in some ways, but being our first time at such a huge local event, we felt more connected by helping and "Shopping"!!! :o) Next year we will plan to enjoy more that TASC has to offer since I know each part sounded so beneficial, interesting and fun.

Meeting many of the members through participating made both of us feel like we belonged. Each person was just as nice as the next. We were amazed at all the work that was taking place all day long, not to mention the realization of what must have had to go into the entire process. Many of the vendors commented on how well publicized and organized things were and I'm sure they were extremely pleased by the number of people attending and the resulting sales they surely had.

Jason, you and your team did an awesome job. Jeff and I look forward to being involved and having many more opportunities to share in the fun of "birds" with people who appreciate them as much, if not more, than we do!" Joyce and Jeff Ernst






"Great Job! I imagine none of you will be rested for a week or so. The seminars were great. I was so pleased to meet Dr. Pepperberg (hope I got that right). Would have loved the meet and great, but we were pretty tired. Stayed the whole day, surprise to me! Boy, did I spend money - Ha!" Vernadene



"I just want to say THANKS to all the TASC members that helped put together a great bird fair. My wife and I had a great time and it was my best fair yet! The space provided was awesome and folks felt free to wander around and get up close and really take a good look at what we had to offer. This show was a huge success by my standards!


I even came home with a new feathered friend that I am just in love with!  Keep up the great work! I can't wait until next year! Now if I could only convince you to do this twice a year... Thanks Again,



"It really was a great Expo.  Boy, did I buy toys, etc." Member, Vernadene Tolman
























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